Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Ashok Acharya- Best Vastu Consultant in Delhi offers his expertise Vastu services to both national and international clients. His expertise not restricted to only Vastu consultations, but also Vastu education and Vastu training. He offers Vastu teaching services in different institutes around the city and imparting Vastu awareness among the people.

During Vastu consultation services one of our expert representatives visited the site to collect necessary details pertaining to site, plot, soil etc. with careful inspection and examination. Ashok Acharya successfully handled all the projects including all organizations for instance hotels, restaurants, schools, corporate, residences and offices etc. The expertise of Ashok Acharya as Top vastu consultant in Delhi, India amazes everybody with the results he predicted because he has been providing this service since 1990 with full dedication and using his wide knowledge about Vastu Shastra.

You can also take our expert advice or consultation by emailing you site reports, including the location and site map of the plot with marked directions for further consultation. Off site consultation is generally for those who staying abroad, however local people can be more benefited with this service as they can contact anytime with convenience. People residing out of the town need not feel worried as they will too receive full and detailed report via mail or if possible they can meet us personally to discuss the matter in detail. Their concern will be respected in every way.

Vastu services or consultation availing through online mode is ideal for people having access to internet, which gives people living far-flung areas and especially internationally an elite opportunity to stay in touch with our experts for any query or other details.

Clients residing outside usually send their site maps via email and after a thorough study our expert either contacts the concerned person online if there is anything to ask and also provide their expert advice regarding a particular matter. The last stage of our services includes a deep Vastu detailed report which is sent to the client with marked directions and suggestion of remedies in the plot and also suggesting the directions for various objects. Vastu reports consist of detailed suggestions after a deep analysis of data that you have submitted to us.

If you are looking for the Best vastu consultant in Delhi, then you cannot go wrong with Ashok Acharya ji. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of vastu and has helped countless people to improve their lives by making their homes and workplaces more vastu-compliant. He is an expert in both traditional and modern vastu methods, and can offer tailored advice to suit your individual needs. Not only that, but he is also a very friendly and down-to-earth person, which makes it easy to approach him with any queries or concerns you may have. Contact Ashok Acharya ji today to see how he can help you create a more positive and harmonious environment in your home or workplace.


Vastu services are essential for your home as it keep away all the bad things from your house and provide prosperity and happiness to it. Vastu for home is a detailed vastu and it includes vastu shastra for home, vastu for entrance door, windows, toilet, bedroom, drawing room and pooja room.


As there are lots of ups and downs in every business, vastu is one of the key factors which can provide stability in your business. Vastu Shastra for Business by Ashok Acharya bring prosperity, growth and development of many of our existing clients and our services proves to be most effective in this field.


Vastu for interior is essential from the point of view if you want your interiors so pleasing that every area of your space would be filled with positive energy. Vastu interior design should be so attractive that everyone appreciates them. Ashok Acharya will provide you positive vastu for your interiors.


Offices, or shops needs proper vastu services so that business will flow in your offices. Vastu for offices will enable you to find the most dominating area in your business house or office from where you can have more growth, success and prosperity.


Vastu services for commercial complexes will include all the vital points and areas of the commercial building from where there are some energetic vibes. Those areas or spaces should be properly utilized with positive cosmic that the owner of the complex feels prosperous.


Every educational institute should be designed in a manner that the students can concentrate more on their studies and career. Vastu for educational institutions in this regard is therefore necessary to make the atmosphere of an institution peaceful & perfect that enable students to achieve higher standards.