What Does India Need Right Now?

An expert in the field and known for his handling of high-profile clients, Ashok Acharya is a successful Political and Celebrity Astrologer based in Delhi, India. With over 30years of experience leading his way to accurate predictions, he has been the guiding light for numerous clients in the Corporate sector, Celebrity world and the Indian Political frame.

The world is going through exceptionally crucial times. The second wave has hit us hard and the country is having a difficult time coping with it. Under such conditions, what is the best way out of it? How are we to survive this deadly pandemic?

In Astrologer Ashok Acharya’s prediction, the answer is ‘Global Cooperation’. “As the world tackles the social and economic crisis accompanying the heat of Covid-19, we must understand the domestic and international consequences that would intensify the already uncertain global relations. This is a test of global governance. India needs to identify its allies and build a strong relationship with the ones which are offering to aid.”

He predicts, “planetary positions indicate recovery in India will quicken pace by the end of May to the beginning of June. Governments around the globe need to realise the enormity of the task and join hands in World Health and Peace. Local, State and Central government needs to work as a single team, in order to achieve maximum efficacy. In addition, every citizen must do their part in getting vaccinated at the earliest.”

Mental health is the essential of the hour. Spiritual Healing, he claims is one of the most effective ways for upholding hope and serenity at such horrendous times, which many of his clients have been benefitting from since 2020. All he requires is a person’s birth date to prepare detailed horoscope with emphasis on dasha, gochar and nakshatra to provide solutions to a contended, stress-free life. He has an exemplary track record of practical and reliable predictions which have led his clients to unparalleled success on professional and personal level.

Shri Acharya is the Director of Ashok Foundation, selflessly serving people since 1990. You can find him at his website – ashokfoundation.com He has completed countless researches and is a highly practised professional in the fields of Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Spiritual Healing, Yoga and Meditation.